Ima punk 2

@ 14:07:53

homemade spike-vest

Styling assistant

@ 22:46:00

I had the opportunity to be assisting at the upcoming H&M spring collection shoot. I had a blast, feeling like this is what I really wanna do.

Bomberjacket 2.0

@ 14:36:00

bomberjacket as a reversed collagejacket / heels from JC / pants some old junk / black cross ring from pretty random jewellery

mad lady

@ 01:33:12

Jacket from Beacons closet (NYC) / Kimono from Zara / skullbracelets and hand-jewellerything from Madlady / mixed bracelets from Aldo (NYC) /

Im a punk

@ 22:25:21

I love this. This is the one I made a couple a weeks ago. Been using it frequently.

Fashionnetwork / Vero moda

@ 18:22:19

I did this styling thing for Vero Moda with freshnet a while ago. I was in NYC while this was shot so I couldn't participate, but I picked out a party-outfit before I left. Heads up for the high waisted shorts. They're worth a visit to the store!

Versace for H&M

@ 02:24:29

(Versace for H&M) This bomberjacket is the bomb!!!

@ 13:47:00

Yesterday my picture frontpaged and featured in their "The social shopper"-column. Read the article here.

Lafayette street

@ 14:44:39

Fur from Vice Versa / Bag from Zara / Jeans uknown / Heels J.C.

Make your own shit

@ 01:25:45

I just cut the arms of this vintage jeans jacket and put some studs on it. Pimpin' aint easy, but this was. Haha.

shoe laces

@ 19:53:12

/ jacket from Beacons closet (NYC) / shirt from Zara / letherpants from Topshop / blue bracelet from Zylber /

That new york swag

@ 00:45:00

Jacket from Urban outfitters / Knitted dress (as a top) from Topshop / Skirt from Zara / Shoes from Henry Kole / Bag from Romwe

1 000 000

@ 14:00:00

So proud of my baby reaching a million views. I'm in New York right now celebrating in spirit. Miss you!
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